Sunday, May 8, 2011

Free Logo Generator Online – Four Important Downsides You Should Think About

The latest buzzword is about free logo generator online. The more peLinkople is talking about it downsides, the more it is bathing into the limelight. It is such an eye catching idea that every business owner even once in a lifetime must have tried his hands on it.

The love is all due to the free word stick with it. People usually gets attracted with this word for nobody like spending their hard won cash over it but as it is said, the grass is not always the greener on the other side. You may not get what is shown to you!

Should I show you some negative impacts that your business, product or service may suffer after getting this brand mark identity from a free logo generator online.

Ok let me show you:

1-There is a big difference between a clipart and graphical image:

Open a Microsoft PowerPoint, dig out the clipart and get a graphical picture from internet. Compare them to the degree you can understand what’s the difference between them. There is a big difference in the quality of the both drawings. Now you can easily get an idea what will you get in the end.

2-Free doesn’t mean its free:

You have been using computer for years and now you know all the link bait ideas that people uses to lure visitors. The word free is one of them which is thrown at the public to make them visit a website or software but eventually they are asked to pay the bucks otherwise they won’t get all the features in them.

3-Can you own the right?

Copyright is a major problem today. People don’t even bother to think before copying a big brand’s identity so why would they care about yours. They will straightaway copy it and the bad thing is that you can’t even claim the rights. Won’t it be like a heart attack for you if you find someone using your corporate identity proudly?

4-Aren’t they obsolete and old?

Do you know when was it produced? Chances are that a logo design that you are creating from free logo generators have old design ideas. Trends changes in logos as well and a smart business owner knows this particular fact. If he is smart enough, he won’t go for such a brand mark identity with no guarantee at all.

Therefore, you may not realize the preceding facts today but when you will be faced with the truth years later then you won’t be able to do anything about it. So today you must think twice before getting your corporate identity from such a source that comes with no guarantee at all.

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