Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5 Common Myths and Falsehoods Unveiled About Online Logo Design Agencies

People talk about everything from a girl’s dress to weather to neighbor’s last night fight to the latest movie release. Similarly, Industry and business affairs are invariably the topic of discussion for centuries, whether good or bad. I guess public relation came out of as a blessing for companies to cope with negative publicity.

Anyhow if we talk about logo design agencies, it has been the part of graphic design industry for ages and now is a serious business. People loves talking about them as well, some in bad while some in good. Lets talk about the negative propaganda that I noted everywhere.

The price is not right:

That is they always charge more. Graphic design companies charge so high that an average person with limited resources and budget cannot afford. That is so Linknot true, there are so many companies out there that charges differently from each other. Its up to a researcher to find out the most affordable one for him because every business owner has a specific criteria for his budget, logo, his business etc.

Bad investment:

Why do you want to invest your hard won cash in such little piece of drawing that even a layman can come up with? Friends usually react like that this when one asks for an advice. For them, getting a logo design from a professional graphic design company is a bad investment but they forget that it is a face of company that has to be dealt well otherwise they will risk their reputation.

No customer satisfaction:

Once they get paid, they don’t bother for their customer satisfaction. The only thing they need is money and when they get it they leave their customers and their logo alone. Have you ever seen unlimited revision package on various graphic design company websites? This is merely done for the customer satisfaction so how can anyone say now that a logo design agency doesn’t care for their valuable customers.

Hidden charges:

Logo design packages that are often offered to the clients are often blamed to charge clients with extra money especially the online one. Everything is given on the pages with description so how come they can charge you with extra bucks.

They are fraud:

Online e-commerce, e-businesses and e-shops comes with many advantages but there are some disadvantages as well. The greatest one is to do the payment beforehand which pops up many questions in the customers. Therefore, it really becomes difficult for an online graphic design company to build credibility.

Hence, you should avoid the above told myths about any logo design agency and hire them to get state of the art brand mark identity.

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