Friday, May 13, 2011

Get Some Free Logos Design Ideas That Will Turn Your Logo Into A Brand Mark Identity

Looking for free logo design download option? Are you tired of searching as there is no site which offers free brand mark identity?

Before that, I would like to ask you, why people search for free stuff in spite of the fact that they know there is nothing that is free in this world. So why on earth people try their hands on this useless search. Apart from this peculiar search, there are many ways to get a free idea or image for your corporate identity. Those are:

1-Search your business name in Google images and see what it presents. For example, if you own a construction business then you might get pictures of a building, a man constructing a house etc. Took out the most creative one as you see it. You have the idea in your hands, change the way it is to avoid plagiarism. Change its colors, tagline (if any), font style, picture of a person (if any) but make sure the idea remains the same.

2-There are many professional graphic design companies out there. You can search for them and see, if they have uploaded their portfolios or not. Select a company that is not much known but have a good online presence. Dig out different ideas from the portfolio and see if it helps. There is no hard and fast rule that you only dig ideas from a construction logo designs (just an example), you can find some of the brand marks related to this field like architecture logos.

3-Open Microsoft word or PowerPoint, check out the clipart. This is no way unethical or immoral; you have every right to dig ideas from anywhere you desire. The only thing that is to make sure is that, you should not copy it. Just use the idea after bit of modification if possible so as to remove all the traces.

4-If you want to use white and black then you need to study different brand marks that are in sophisticated black and white design. Gucci and Armani are the best examples of a perfect use of white. See how they have used it and then try to see how you can play with these two colors efficaciously. You can also use your business name or its initials in your brand mark identity.

Thereby, generating creative and interesting ideas is no way difficult as the only thing it requires is the way to find places to get ideas from. If you successfully unveil those secret places, you will be able to germinate various free logos design ideas.

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