Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Comparison Between Professional Graphic Design Service And Free Logo Design Software

Softwares are always good way to go when one want to get his brand mark identity. Google it and you will find thousands of online free logo design makers that will render a brand recognition device for your business in a matter of hours.

But it is advised to hold your horses before you finally execute the idea of using these free logo design makers. WHY? The most obvious reason for this is the lack of credibility and reliability. Now you must be thinking, why such devices can come with such low level of reliability? Can you rely to be unique by using those logo creators which are used by thousands of business owners out there?

On the other hand, a professional graphic designer will be yours. You can order them to get a unique piece of brand recognition device on an affordable rate. He will surely render a unique idea because of the fact that he is not being used by your arch rivals.

So the bottom line here is that the reliability ratio of a pro is much higher than that of a free logo maker idea. Proceeding to the next point, you can safely assume that there would be a great difference in quality of a logo design culminated by a professional and a free logo maker. As these so called free logo maker uses clipart to make a logo, how can you expect any quality work out of them? On the other hand, a professional might use Photoshop or illustrator to put his creative ideas and vision to draw a brand mark identity. This way, you can expect a range of ideas from him. Furthermore, a client also gets an opportunity to revise it to a certain number of times.

If you have visited differed graphic design company’s site, you will notice, some of them offers unlimited while some offers a certain amount of revisions. This feature basically depends on the package, the company itself and the number of designers working in that graphic design company.

Now ask yourself, can you get an unlimited revision package from free logo design software? As far as my knowledge is concerned, you cannot!
We can say that there are two concrete evidence that will logo against these free logo makers or creators and that are; reliability and unlimited revisions and here the case is won by a professional graphic design company or a designer.

Hence, there are so many other comparative features between a pro and a free logo maker but we have given two of them which are the major ones of course. Analyze yourself and make a final decision!

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