Thursday, May 19, 2011

Logo Design Help For Graphic Designers to revive the magic of designing

You are new to this business world and you don’t know how to come up with a corporate company identity? What can you do to get a formidable business brand mark identity? This following logo design help will be definitely useful for both entrepreneurs and graphic designers for it will guide theLinkm to culminate a brand mark that will set their business apart from the rest.


Some graphic designers often neglect the basic use of paper sketches as they think themselves to be the king after spending a considerable amount of time in industry but that’s not the solution. With time the quality of their logo design decreases but price increases and here come the downfall.

2-Step by step drawing:

Often times, after preparing a wholesome idea, a graphic designer tries to complete it in a matter of seconds by using all the elements together at the same time that results in the loss of quality and creativity. An intelligent and hard working designer will follow the logo design process from the top to bottom to ensure proper and high-ending designs.

3-Images, use of clipart:

What can be worse than using predefined images and clipart in a logo design? Often time graphic designers make such a mistake so as to wind up the work in a minimum amount of time possible. Clipart are just like images, in fact they can be worse than that.

4-Use of vectors:

The best ongoing trend is the use of vector images because a logo has to be used at various mediums from logo design websites to business cards and as a logo in a vector format is scalable, it can be used everywhere with ease.

Whether you are a graphic designer or a business owner, you must make sure that a corporate identity you are going for or designing is made up on vectors so that they can be used anywhere from a business card to hoardings to letter heads to a logo design websites.

5-Drafts and revisions:

Again I would say that whether you are professional graphic designer or a small business owner, you have to keep this in mind that here the phrase doesn’t fit at all,” First impression is the last impression”. Here, more are the revisions; the more are the chances that the final design concept is perfect.

Thereby, there are so many important points that a graphic designer and even a small business owner should keep in mind if he wants to get his corporate identity done in a perfect manner.

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