Monday, May 9, 2011

Free Logo Design Tool- Is It A Good Way To Go?

121,000,000! That’s the number of searches Google comes up with when search logo design tools.

So can you use all or any of them to create the logo design for your brand?
You wish, huh?

So the question here is, how do find the perfect logo design tool for you?

Before we answer that, let’s educate you on logo design tools a little further. Mostly, you will observe that there are two kinds of tools available. The first of these tools is the greatest deceiver which is called the free logo design tool or free logo creator or maker.

So why do I say that they are deceivers?

That’s because the logo design created through these tools follows none of the basic branding guidelines. The logo created through them is neither unique nor exclusive and they make your brand look cheap and tacky. The reason why that is so, is because these logo generators only have a set of predetermined fonts, effects and images available. You choose a combination of the fonts and effects and create a logo for your brand naively assuming that the identity that you have just created for your brand is distinct.

But alas, you are deceived!

Not only that, when finally the time comes to download that logo design, you are astonished to see that there is a small watermark on you so-called-unique brand logo.

That means someone else is marketing their brand through your brand.

And that is just, plain WRONG!

I’m sure the free logo design program does not look so free anymore, right?
Another popular type is the logo design softwares that can easily be purchased. Now these may have an immense scope of different type of fonts, images and effects. But here also, if you buy the cheap ones, there’s a huge possibility that they’d just be filled with clip art images.

And using clip art for your brand logo is like taking a knife and stabbing your brand with it.

Now only do they look like something bought off the flea market, but they also make your brand prone to copyright issues as they are so easily available to all. You may be changing the colors and effects, but since the basic image remains the same, there’s always the possibility that someone else might be suing the same image as you. Plus, the output can never actually depict the brand quality that your business deserves.

So you may as well strike the cheap ones off your list.

That leaves us with the expensive ones which may be giving you a lot of creative freedom as you can draw your own images through there and there are also a lot of effects available but you almost need to have class room training before you figure out how to use them. And if you’re not fluent with computer applications then you might as well be banging your head against the wall. And again the outputs these provide are not as superior.

So, in my honest opinion, you have two options here. One; that you try all these above tools; jeopardize your brand identity and then hope for a miracle to restore it or you can go straight to the professional logo designers, pay a little money and get the job done right; once and for all.

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