Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Could Be The Possible Outcome Of Using A Free Logo Maker?

You are a minute away from your logo design? Download a free trial version now and get your hands on your future brand mark identity in a matter of seconds! Try it, limited time offer blab, blab, blab, blab..

Easier said than done!

Life isn’t that simpler and so does the logo designing. You cannot create a brand mark identity in seconds; they are being deceptive and nothing else. You may not feel the repercussion because they are like a slow poison that will eat your business in chunks.

I can tell you what you will feel after getting a corporate identity out of free logo makers. You will feel like on the top of this world because here you are ignoring the consequences. Anyhow, this article can work as an eye awakener for you. Give it a try and see if your decision is right or wrong!
Once you are done with your corporate identity, you will publish it, market and advertise it to your target audience but after some months or years of time, you will:

1-Be destroyed:

Wondering how just a little piece of graphic representation can destroy your business. A logo is a representative of a business; it is a face and if your face and representation is not worth it then how come you will be able to garner your target audience on a single platform.

2-Be embarrassed:

A free logo maker is nothing but a mere combination of already stored or you can say pre-fabricated clipart designs. Even worse, they are sometimes in the form of templates as well. Won’t you feel embarrassed if your client would ask you, is this your professionalism?

3-Be helpless:

You will feel entrapped as after sometime; there will be a no way out. If you are a start up business owner, you might possibly be able to turn over a new leaf but if you are an established one, notable or has a status then it would be totally difficult to create your business image once again from the scratch if you use free logo maker.

4-Not be able to revamp:

Oftentimes, companies who want to give a new and refreshing look to their brand mark identities, they changes some style or elements of a logo. This is called as revamping a business image. In case, after years if you have realized that what you did was totally wrong then you won’t be able to revamp it as they are nothing but clipart or templates. By hook or by crook, you have to change it totally which may take time, money and reputation.

Hence, your business image is incomplete without a logo design provided that it should be designed from an expert’s hand.

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