Wednesday, May 11, 2011

9 Key Points To Consider Before You Go For Free Logo Designs Software

“Free, Free, Free” or “buy one get one free”

What sparks in your mind when you watch an advertisement blinking with this word free?

You want to straight visit the shop and grab that free product, don’t you? Money is hard to earn and we understand this but getting something for free in this competitive world is a bit difficult thing. Same is the case with logo design. Getting free logo designs is a big word today for loads of companies have jumped into the market claiming that they can serve you with a free brand mark identity in a matter of seconds.

There is no magic in this world that can render you with a corporate identity that is unique, enthralling and amazing free of cost. You have to pay the price either in the form of your hard won bucks or your business reputation, the choice is yours in the end.

Can you guarantee anything with this free idea?

Life time guarantee card is only given with the products you buy and not with the ones you get for free. So there is no guarantee for its quality, its uniqueness and its return. You have to just design it blind folded not expecting anything in return. Only that way you will be able to draw a corporate identity that is not only hopeless but worthless as well.

So you don’t have to be very happy for you are getting a free logo designer that has some designs stored for years in his back head and is now giving it to you. So can you expect them to be:

Up to the mark with latest logo design trends rolling in the market
Of high-ending quality as they are merely based on pre-fabricated design templates.

Unique for you never know how many times and how many people have already used it.

Legal for anytime you can expect a copyright infringement problem.
Creative and innovative for there is no human brain involved in the design process.

According to your business needs and nature because it won’t serve you with a creative freedom to use all the constituents of a logo at large.

Represent your business on the world’s stage for it has to compete with the world.

Convincing enough to pull in customers.

Scalable enough to be use at different marketing mediums like business cards, envelopes, letter heads etc.

There are total nine key points that I found worth discussing with you. You can dig out many more by downloading free logo design softwares from internet and see what are the remaining flaws hidden. This way, you will be able to yourself analyze the whole situation deftly and promptly.

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