Thursday, December 29, 2011

Car Logos and Names –Types of Brand Marks and Their Description

An automobile brand title is a symbolic representation of the features of the automobile. Today, the automobile market is swarmed up with various different car logos and names. How are these helpful in the industry? They help in differentiating your brand from the others, and give you an identification of your own. In some instances, brand logos are used more often than the titles. This is mainly because brand marks reflect the personalities of the owner and characteristic features of the product. If you really want to appeal your target audience, and bring in more potential customers, than you have to put in a lot of brain storming in to the project. Generally speaking, there are three basic forms of automobile brand marks – symbolic, textual, and combination.

In symbolic brand marks, especially designed symbols or icons are applied to the brand mark. There is not text, only a pictorial illustration of the features of the brand. The illustration could be anything, it could be an abstract art of some sort, an image of an animal, or whatever is suitable to the brand title. But the condition is that the image or illustration should relate to the features of the vehicle. Because there won’t be any text to describe the meaning of the illustration and its concept, so this job is to be done by the image alone. Popular examples that are using symbolic illustrations are Citroen, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, and Subaru.

In textual style brand marks, either the whole title is used or a part of the title is used as a brand mark. Usually, in this type of brand marks, what really matters is the font. The typeface of the brand mark should be very clear and easy to understand. The reader must not squint in order to read the text, and must immediately relate to the brand title. Smart car logo designs prefer using only the initials, while others prefer whole titles. Initials are more preferable when the brand has a large title. Popular examples of textual brand marks are Fiat, Mazda, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, and Chevrolet.

Combinations of symbols and text are also very common in the industry. Many brands use a symbolic representation with their titles or initials. When both the symbol and the text are applied together in a brand mark design, it is called a combination emblem. Popular brands using this type of brand marking are Audi, Alpha Romeo, Skoda, Lamborghini, Lotus, Rover, and BMW.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Discussion of the Important Factors of a Successful Car Logo

How would you explain a car logo, what terms would you apply to describe it? Would you refer to the pictorial representation on your tee front or the sticker on your automobile? Consider what your answer would be, but keep in mind that these emblems or the design only does not make up for the success your brand identity would get. There are many other things that are involved, namely, the strategies of marketing that you have devised, the experience of the artist who is de4signing your brand mark, the message that your brand mark is going to convey, the illustrative image, and the promised quality. All these terms make up for the success of a single brand identity. It is not an easy task to design a company identity.

Through your brand mark, you are promising your clients that you will provide them the best service and the best quality product. There are various ways by which you can represent your company through visual presentation. There are various clever tactics that you will have to apply in order to get success in your objective.

Every automobile company has a brand mark and some have become more popular than others. Many have never been redesigned since the time they were made, and other car logos have been modified to keep up with latest designs and trends. The most important factor of successful designing is that the design should be very simple, yet sophisticated and elegant. It should have a unique style that is characteristic to it, and the quality of standing out in the crowd.

Most people, even if they are not familiar with the real design of an automobile brand mar, they are familiar to the brand identity mark of the automobile, which is also termed as a “marquee”. The automobile marquee that is almost certainly known finest all over the world is the Ford symbol which has not been altered much for over 100 years now and is merely a stylized edition of the Ford name. This brand mark has all the qualities of a successful brand name. Its design was so perfect that it never required remodeling and is still considered the top brand mark design of all times. Its design never got outdated, only a few newer versions of the design have been invented with little changes than the original design.

This design is an exemplary design for all the new artists who can follow the simplicity rules that this design has followed.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Car Logo Stickers – The Most Effective Idea for Guaranteed Promotion

Car logo stickers are known by many different names: auto decals, vehicle graphics, and vehicle wraps. It is a very good idea to stick a vehicle wrap on your vehicle that contains the brand mark of your company, which must be your company’s vehicle of course. The brand mark must be placed at such a spot on the vehicle where it will most visible, where the passersby can see it more easily. In fact, you can place the decal any where you want.Following are some ideas on you can put a decal on the vehicle and at what spots.

1. Hood – this is the par where the decal would be most prominent, not only for the passersby but also for other drivers who will be viewing it from their rare view mirrors. I would suggest that you invert or revert the image so that the drivers who are seeing it from them rare view mirrors can see it properly and correctly.
2. Rear – while you are driving, or are waiting in a jam, how many number plates do you notice and try to make sense out of them by making words or word games? By putting your Brand mark decal on the rare of your vehicle, you are giving every driver behind you something interesting to look at.
3. Sides: these have the largest surface are for exposure, and you can use this space as a canvas for Painting the Brand mark. This will make everybody notice who is driving at your side and will catch definite attention, even when the vehicle is parked.
4. Roof- If your company vehicle spends most of the time in the city area with tall edifices; citizens looking down and out of windows will be able to look at it very clearly as you drive by or park in the area.
5. Everywhere! – This was obvious, wasn’t it? If you can’t make your mind on one or two spots for placing or sticking vehicle wraps, cover the whole thing with your company brand mark decal! What can you give you better promotion? It will give full exposure and your brand mark will be visible from everywhere. In principle when a vehicle wrap is wrapped on the whole body of the vehicle or lorry, they’re known as vehicle wrap.

If you use this car logos list of placing the decal, after some innovations and imaginations of your own, you will be able to promote you brand name very successfully.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Best Use of Car Logo Images in Brand Mark Designing

Before beginning your design, as an artist, you should first consider what would be the possible applications of the brand mark. And then you should make up your mind about the design, its format, its features, and size. As the brand mark that you are designing is for an automobile, so you should first understand all the features that are characteristic to that particular brand or company. The common features that are distinctive of a vehicle are speed, luxury, comfort, and similar. Now a day’s people want to expensive and luxurious autos just for the sake of upgrading their status symbol. So your design should also look classy in that sense, that it matches the standard of the gleaming beautiful vehicle.

The kind of vehicle you drive speaks a lot about your character, standard of living and tastes. Transport vehicles are not just a mean of transportation any more but are also a class differentiator that distinguishes the rich from the middle class and the poor.

But how do these automobile companies set themselves apart in the industry, given there are so many manufacturers.

Their car logo images design makes all the difference for them.

Automobile manufacturers spend many hours and days brain storming for the appropriate vehicle brand mark icon that illustrates their company in all the ways. There are many ways of making your brand mark design one of the best. You will have to select an icon that perfectly illustrates the qualities and features of your automobile. You can use any type of an icon; it can be an animal, for example. And if you cannot come up with a proper icon then you can use the textual style of making a brand mark. You can simply make use of your brand title, or if the name is too big, you could use its initials.

Several car logos pictures have used complicated designs to symbolize their product which says volumes to you, speaking everything relating to the automobile brand. For instance the Alpha Romeo emblem illustrates the city of Milano’s, court of arms and the Ferrari emblem is an illustration and an honor to the well known Italian air force pilot who sacrificed his life for the country in World War I. Many manufacturers have also applied animal illustrations like a bull or a big cat to relate with animal qualities to their brand. Their brand icons depict power; strength and poise through the fauna that they have selected to represent their brand.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sports Car Logos – An Effective Way of Promoting Your Car Brand

Sports automobiles are a very effective way of depicting style, luxury, and speed. This is a symbol of wealth and luxury. Sports automobile stickers, when used for promotion of business, they can never go unnoticed. Every individual on earth admires a sports automobile. And this type of automobile sure gets a second glance. And if you have a decal of your brand mark pasted on its shiny and gleaming surface, it sure will get quality exposure.

This type of advertising, all car logos, is more suitable if you are the owner of a sports automobile company. Otherwise it would look very odd and unrelated. Just imagine – a diapers sticker on a BMW sports automobile! Not acceptable, the public will reject the idea as soon as it is introduced in the market. If you are a manufacturer of sports automobiles, then you can use the decal of your brand mark to promote your brand name and business.

This job does not end here. After selecting the appropriate automobile for your trade mark decal, you have to decide the typeface of the brand mark, the colors, and size of the decal. Usually professionals know all this stuff and they are experts in making sports car logos, but if you decided to do it yourself than you will have to put in some research and study. Because, obviously, you would not want your sports automobile to look like a clown with a colorful and unprofessional looking trade mark decal on its face.

Well, come to think of it you’re on the highway anyway and you’re going by thousands of pedestrians and drivers of other automobiles, so why not make most use out of the circumstances and use your gas to its fullest. Furthermore, automobile window decals cannot be missed that easily, because everybody notices and admires a sports automobile and a decal looks more terrific on it. Knowing the good points of a automobile window sticker or other forms such as political decals on bumpers make it even more rational and realistic, and become a motivation for the customers and clients to become interested in your brand and might even purchase one.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Logo Design Do-It-Yourself – Can You Guarantee Your Design Will Be Best?

A successful company is known world-wide by its brand mark draw. Do you want to know the important elements of a brand mark’s success? If you have decided to go with a logo design do-it-yourself, then I must share a word of caution with you. I am not implying that you don’t understand the factors of a logo’s success. But understanding them and applying them are two different things.

The software growth and online internet market is bombarded with various upgraded and cheap applications that facilitate freelance designers and Logo design DIY, providing with every type of tool of designing a brand mark. Do not take art work as science, because art requires a lot of creativity and talent.

A desktop application can never give the satisfaction a human brain can give. Because the software is not running on its own, right? You will have to operate it. And when you are not qualified for designing, how can you create a brand mark that will be your company’s identification?
Professionals also use tools of designed, but their brains are specially wired in order to make fabulously awesome draws that relate to a company or a profession in every aspect possible. Instead of downloading, or purchasing, a free or low-cost application, it is better to hire a professional designer that charges less amount of money.

Designers are accustomed to the usage of tools and techniques and they know better than us which element is to be applied where. Before working on your company’s brand mark a designer will first study your company, he will interview you, so that he can get his hands on every type of information he can get regarding your company.

By now I think I have convinced you enough that rejecting the idea of hiring a professional designer and using a DIY application is a very bad decision to make. At least, make some effort to know some more about professional designer and how they perform in reality. Talk and discuss to your friends or colleagues who have taken the services of an expert designer and ask them to share their experiences with you. And if you are satisfied with the discussion and want hire a professional, then immediately go to a drawing agency and fill up a review form.

I can guarantee you that your draw, which will be made by an expert, will be far much better than what you might have made. You will be screaming at the top of your lungs, saying, “My logo design is the best!”

Friday, December 2, 2011

A Brain Storming Tutorial Exercise to Make Your Own Logo Design

If you are an amateur designer, and if you are anything like I was when I freshly started in this career, then you would definitely need tutorials to guide you correctly. When you start to make your own logo design, either you are doing it for your own company or you are designing for somebody else, you will be under a lot of pressure. To cut down the pressure, it is suggested that you divide the task into several small exercises. This will decrease the pressure of work and give you more time to concentrate on any one aspect of the symbol.

I am sharing one brand mark tutorial exercise which would change the way you brain storm on your business icon and it will end up looking professionally made.

1. Think of a word or a character that relates to your business:

This first point is about coming up with a word that is relating to your business or your company. The word can be a quality, character, element, etc. This will become the foundation of your brain storming process. If you have come up with the word, then you can proceed with the next step.

2. Using mind mapping, project new ideas relating to the word:

You can begin with simply writing the word in the middle of a paper and then start linking words that come to your mind. What I used to do to make my own logo design, I used to write the word in a cloud and then link other clouds to it with relating ideas, thus forming a branching network like structure. For example if the word is water, then the relating words might be drops, moisture, clouds, rain, pond, wet leaves, rainbow, etc. If you are not good at brain storming, then you can use software for min mapping. There are several applications and techniques available now.
3. Next, sketch a basic image of your word:

Draw the first image of the word that comes to your mind. It will be basic and imperfect. But right now perfectionism is not necessary. Draw the simplest image that you can relate to your word.

4. Develop your business image:

You are just doing this exercise to come up with ideas for your logo. Experiment with different shapes, colors, and fonts. You can even try connecting your words with the images. If you are creative, you will successfully link your image with the text so that it looks like one effect is pouring into the next one.

In this way you can come up with many different ideas and images. At the end of this exercise you can select the image, or idea, that you think is the best and relates most to your business. This technique of commencing your drawing broadens your mind and opens the door for creativity for you.