Friday, December 4, 2009

Education Logo – a Reflector of the Real Educational Image

Education Logo should portray the real image of an educational institution. Educational institutions are not only meant to provide education, but they need to teach the real values, discipline and the right way to live life. Therefore, education logo design should reflect that positive attitude with the aesthetic sense of a designer.

The basic purpose of an education logo is to attract children and their parents at the same time. Parents are needed to get attracted as they will decide whether to send their children to a particular institution or not. Whereas, children should relate themselves with the logo that they are a part of the best educational institution in the neighborhood.

An education logo design should be simple and should not look similar with any other existing education logo design. Uniqueness and innovation should be a trait of an education logo. Color, font and overall theme and style should best describe the philosophy of an educational institution.

One can get a good education logo by choosing a ready made template, but it is better to go with a professional logo design company. They know how to customize the logo according to the need of an educational institution and how to reflect the real philosophy of a custom logo design of an educational institution.

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