Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Special Goes Into Making A Professional And Unique Logo Design?

Creating a unique logo design won’t take any hard efforts, indeed it is the easiest thing you will ever come across. The only thing which matters in a brand mark identity to make it standout from the crowd of logos is the company’s unique selling proposition commonly known as USP.

Companies usually fails to makes it mark due to a fragile and weak USP. They don’t have anything new to sell that becomes their weakness in the market. People wants something new and refreshing, similarly they want to see a new and unique logo design idea especially when there is so much going in the market where nobody has time for nobody.

USP is any idea that differs you from the rest of the businesses and if it is used on your logo, it would be itself be very unique. Now to put the whole idea on a logo, one has to make sure, the designer is expert in his field. The whole thing will go well if your selection of a graphic designer is good.

Before going to a professional graphic designer, you must make sure of the following things:

1-What is so unique about your business? If you make juices then as yourself, why people would buy your product if they have several options there.
2-What do you basically want in your logo design?
3-What type of logo you want?
4-What is your budget? Can you afford big graphic designers or companies?
5- What kind of appeal you want to throw from your corporate identity? Is it humorous, serious, emotional or what?
6-Make everything clear in your mind especially when it is about online graphic design company as you can’t meet them face to face.

No matter you have a high or low budget; the only thing that should matter is to get professional logo designs that that can make a huge mark. Think, think and think before you decide anything. Smart business owner knows how to get a great corporate identity out of even a very low price tagged graphic designer.

But not everyone is smart enough to get professional logo designs done in a minimum amount of bucks possible, so here the solution can be to get your corporate identity from a reputable online graphic design company in town. They have credibility, resources, online presence, hundreds of graphic designers and loads of packages to offer you.

All in all, you are in business world then you have to create one brand recognition device not matter what. Therefore, make sure it is created by an expert’s hand to make sure everything goes good in the end.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How Much Important Is To Get A Professional Logo Design?

What does the word, professional means?

The definition:

A person who is characterized by the ethical and technical standards of a profession is a professional. Therefore, there must be some difference between a professional and an amateur because he is not in any way characterized by any profession.

Now you know the difference…

When we talk about the graphic design industry, logo is the most common thing we can come across. In the preponderance of so many companies, a logo is an utterly important marketing vehicle to ensure a business standout from the rest.

There are various other reasons to get a professional logo design which are as follows:

1-An expert will design a much perfect corporate identity than any other amateur graphic designer. Amateurs are the ones that are inexperienced and don’t know how to come up with a brand mark that is unique and original.

2-He is creative and genius, therefore, he will surely be able to come up with a very creative concept. Though creativity is a built in phenomenon but they are trained for that. They know how to make the most of their creative skills.

3-He has an eye for art because he has spent a considerable amount of time in this field. Therefore, you can expect them to be the experts.

4-As a professional corporate identity will be drawn by an expert and trained person, he will render to piece of art that is memorable, unique and special.

5-He knows what colors, image and fonts would be suitable for the logo. A logo that will be culminated would be totally in accordance with your wishes and business requirements.

6-He knows the market trends. He knows what is the ongoing latest logo fashion in the market to be used while designing a corporate identity for your business? That way, the logo of your company would be outstanding and will have the ability to compete with the latest logos in the market.

7-He knows how to conduct a market research so as to get an idea on what your competitors are doing. After the thorough study of the competitor’s logo, he will be able to design a unique piece of brand mark identity that will help your business standout from the rest.

8-Last but not the least; they are someone you can rely on because they are trained professionals while you are not. If you will try to do it on your own by using free online logo design makers and softwares, you will not be able to come up with something of value.

Now that you the benefits of hiring a professional graphic designer, you should consider hiring their services.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Comparative Analysis Of Various Logo Designing Options

A question that has been in debates for years is: who is more worthy of logo designing; freelance or online logo Design Company?

Your business styles and substance is depicted through your logo design. It is an entrance door to your shop. A prospective client is always interested in getting the overall idea of your brand, product or service beforehand because it is about their hard won cash.

Developing logo design is not that necessary but getting professional online logo designs is important. Notice the thin line between both the terms. Apart from freelancers or online graphic design companies, there are other ways to get your hands on them. Do you want to have a look at them?

1-Advertising agencies:

You are a start up business owner; can you afford an ad agency? If you are an established business owner then you can hire them to run a huge ad or marketing campaign. Price range is therefore is very high as they are more into running ad campaigns.


Everybody wants to do his work on his own and that’s a good thing as well but it is not applicable in case of logo designing. The cheapest solution you will ever come across but remember, you get what you pay for. You never know if your logo is up to the mark and can show high quality results.

3-Freelance graphic designers:

I would not recommend them but they are at least better than the preceding options. Therefore, you can hire them if you don’t have a good amount of money in your pocket. They can help you get creative logo designs but there is no full-proof guarantee for that. If you are lucky enough, you will get a brand mark identity of your dreams otherwise not. Get smart if you can’t invest much money into it.

4-Online logo design companies/websites:

The best idea to get your future brand mark identity in your hands within a very short period of time. They are professionals and know this art like the back of their hands. You can call them a short form of advertising agencies with a comparatively cheaper rate. Price range may start from $ 59 to $1500 and the benefits you will get will be incomparable with any other option of getting creative logo designs.

Therefore, now you have gone through the comparative analysis of all the options through which you can get your brand mark identity. Now you have to decide and choose the way to go to get your future brand recognition device. A piece of advice is; seek our knowledge and guidance before you go for anything.

Four Must Use Ideas To Come Up With The Creative Logo Design

Do you want to create the best logo design?

You don’t have enough money in your pocket and your business needs a unique identity so that you can at least make some money out of it. What should you do now?

First off, see how much you can spend on this corporate identity for even if you try thousand times, you cannot come up with a brand mark the way professional can do. Now, the thing that you should do is to check your pocket, there are thousands of online graphic design companies that are not only affordable but good as well. Even if they are not good, you can deliver them creative ideas to be used in the corporate identity.

Lets discuss some ideas that you can use in your corporate identity:

1-Use of negative space:

Negative space is an effective use of white space. Graphic designer use it to create immensely creative and unique ideas. Oftentimes, logos are only made of white and black color so interestingly that one cannot take his eyes of it.
But not everyone can make a good use of white color for it requires extra amount of expertise and genius to use it. Therefore, make sure that the graphic design service or designer you are going knows a good use of it.

2-Use of 3D images:

3D is in. You can make a good use of 3D effects and images if you really want to leave a good touch to it. Today most of the graphic designer is using this technique to make a simple logo look more attractive and unique. A survey has shown that a normal eye looks for a longer time of 3D image then an ordinary logo image.

3-Use of shadows:

Shadows make a creative logo design look more interesting and alluring. You can simply use the initials of your company name or its full name with a shadow in the background to give a more sophisticated touch to it. That way, you will not only show the seriousness of your business but how decent and sophisticated you are.

4-Hidden messages:

You can use various techniques to show hidden messages so that a viewer spends a considerable time to solve the puzzle. This will memorize the logo in his minds and that will be good thing for your brand. You can not only play around with shapes but numbers as well. Search on Google to dig out various ideas for using hidden messages.

Therefore, the more you will search, the more you will get ideas to draw your future brand recognition device.